return_ladder returns a dataframe containing the ladder for either all seasons and rounds since 1987, or individual rounds/seasons

return_ladder(match_results_df = NA, season_round = NA, season = NA)



A dataframe that has been returned from get_match_results. If empty get_match_results will execute first


An integer of the round or vector of integers for multiple rounds. If empty, all rounds returned


An integer of the season or vector of integers for multiple seasons. If empty, all seasons returned


Returns a data frame containing a line for each team's ladder position at each round of a season


The dataframe contains information about the Round, Season, Points For/Against, Ladder Position. It can either take in a data frame created using get_match_results, or if match_results_df is unspecified, will extract all games using get_match_results. Will only allow selecting rounds of the premiership season, not finals.


if (FALSE) { return_ladder() return_ladder(match_results_df=get_match_results_df, season_round=23, season=1990:2019) return_ladder(season_round = 10, season = 2019) }