fetch_ladder returns the Ladder for a given AFL Round. Internally, it calls a corresponding fetch_ladder_* function that depends on the source given. By default the source used will be the official AFL website.

fetch_ladder_afl(), fetch_ladder_afltables(), fetch_ladder_squiggle() can be called directly and return data from AFL website, AFL Tables and Squiggle, respectively.

  season = NULL,
  round_number = NULL,
  comp = "AFLM",
  source = "AFL",

fetch_ladder_afl(season = NULL, round_number = NULL, comp = "AFLM")

  season = NULL,
  round_number = NULL,
  match_results_df = NULL

fetch_ladder_squiggle(season = NULL, round_number = NULL)



Season in YYYY format, defaults to NULL which returns the year corresponding the Sys.Date()


Round number, defaults to NULL which returns latest round


One of "AFLM" (default), "AFLW", "VFL", "VFLW", "WAFL", "U18B" or "U18G." Not all data sources will have non-AFL data


One of "AFL" (default), "footywire", "fryzigg", "afltables", "squiggle"


Optional parameters passed onto various functions depending on source.


(optional) A dataframe from fetch_results_afltables(), provide this to prevent having to download results again.


A Tibble with the ladder from the relevant season and round.

See also

  • fetch_ladder_afl for official AFL data.

  • fetch_ladder_afltables for AFL Tables data.

  • fetch_ladder_squiggle for Squiggle data.


if (FALSE) {
# Return data from AFL Website
fetch_ladder(2020, round = 1)

# This is equivalent to
fetch_ladder(2020, round = 1, source = "AFL")
fetch_ladder_afl(2020, round = 1)

# Return AFLW data
fetch_ladder(2020, round = 1, comp = "AFLW", source = "AFL")
fetch_ladder_afl(2020, round = 1, comp = "AFLW")

# Not all sources have AFLW data and will return a warning
fetch_ladder(2020, round = 1, comp = "AFLW", source = "afltables")
fetch_ladder(2020, round = 1, comp = "AFLW", source = "squiggle")

# Different sources
fetch_ladder(2015, round = 5, source = "afltables")
fetch_ladder(2015, round = 5, source = "squiggle")

# Directly call functions for each source
fetch_ladder_afl(2018, round = 9)
fetch_ladder_afltables(2018, round = 9)
fetch_ladder_squiggle(2018, round = 9)