• Fixed a bug where fetch_footywire_stats was breaking due to an ‘unused sub’ in game this year (#201)
  • Fixed a bug where fetch_player_details was failing
  • Removed a test for fetch_lineup due to the response being unreliable depending on the time of year
  • Fixed a bug where fetch_fixture_footywire wasn’t working for season 2024 due to Opening round (#209)
  • Fixed a bug where fetch_results_footywire wasn’t working for season 2024 due to Opening round (#211)
  • Updated the Squiggle API code to be more flexible
  • Fixed a bug where fetch_footywire_stats was breaking due to changes in the footywire site
  • Fixed a bug with new debut players receiving an ID of 0 in fetch_player_stats_afltables (#189)
  • Fixed a bug with fetch_player_stats_afl where it was throwing an error if trying to get AFL stats for a new season. It now returns NULL instead of an error (#190)
  • Fixed a minor bug with the rendering of messages in fetch_player_stats_afl (#185)
  • Fixed a range of warnings that were either unhelpful or not being adequately captured in unit tests
  • Added proper lifecycle deprecation to the old get_ functions. These will be formally removed in the next release

Breaking changes

  • Fixed a bug in fetch_player_stats_afltables where NULL date was defaulting to 1897 instead of current season like other fetch_* functions (#175). This is breaking behaviour to previous versions so will bump the version number but it should be an expected change to make the argument consistent with others

Second 2022 AFLW Season is now returned

  • Having two seasons from the same year was preventing users from accessing the 2nd season. * This release fixes this issue. Any AFLW related function should now return both seasons, which is not ideal but the best I can think of without moving towards named seasons (#184)

Non-AFL data

  • There are now more competitions that the AFL source can download using the comp argument such as (#173)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that was preventing Fremantle player details from being returned in fetch_player_details_footwire (#169)

  • Fixed bug that was causing an error if a round didn’t have full lineups

  • Fixed issue in the cached data where some dates were missing, depending on when the data was scraped (#181)

  • Fixed issue where specific players were getting ID’s assigned incorrectly. I’ve partially fixed that issue but will only be useful for bugs found in 2021 onwards. I’ll have to manually fix older issues (#168)

New features

  • Added new set of functions for fetching player details - fetch_player_details and associated helper functions fetch_player_details_afl, fetch_player_details_footywire and fetch_player_details_afltables will return the player details for a particular team and season

  • Added function fetch_coaches_votes to retrieve AFLCA coaches votes for any given match @jlholden26

  • Added function calculate_coaches_vote_possibilities to return all possible breakdowns of AFLCA coaches votes between two coaches @jlholden26

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed an a bug in fetch_fixture_footywire for older versions of R #146

  • Fixed type mismatch in fetch_player_stats_afltables and handling blank seasons in fetch_ladder_afl (#149, @cfranklin11)

  • Updated error message in check_source which is used in various functions #147

  • Fixed issue with fetch_results_afltabeles caused by a readr update

New Features

  • Added a new group of fetch_* functions to provide a common API to various data sources. Each function has common arguments and provides consistent behaviour
  • fetch_fixture and associated helper functions fetch_fixture_afl, fetch_fixture_footywire and fetch_fixture_squiggle will return the fixture for a particular season and round
  • fetch_results and associated helper functions fetch_results_afl, fetch_results_footywire, fetch_results_sqiggle and fetch_results_afltables will return the results for a particular season and round
  • fetch_ladder and associated helper functions fetch_ladder_afl, fetch_ladder_sqiggle and fetch_ladder_afltables will return the ladder for a particular season and round.
  • fetch_player_stats and associated helper functions fetch_player_stats_footywire, fetch_player_stats_afltables and fetch_player_stats_fryzigg will return the match stats for a particular season and round.
  • fetch_lineup and associated helper function fetch_lineup_afl will return the lineup for a particular season and round, including upcoming matches if teams have been announced

Deprecated functions

The following have all been soft deprecated. They will still work but likely be removed in a future version. * Deprecated get_afl_fixture - please use fetch_fixture_afl * Deprecated get_fixture - use fetch_fixture_footywire * Deprecated get_match_results - use fetch_results_afltables * Deprecated get_footywire_match_results - use fetch_results_footywire * Deprecated return_ladder - use fetch_ladder_afltables * Deprecated get_footywire_stats - use fetch_footywire_stats * Deprecated get_fryzigg_stats - use fetch_player_stats_fryzigg * Deprecated get_afltables_stats - use fetch_player_stats_afltables * Deprecated update_footywire_stats - use fetch_player_stats_footywire * Deprecated get_footywire_betting_odds - use fetch_betting_odds_footywire * Deprecated get_score_progression_raw - no replacement * Deprecated get_footywire_match_ids - use fetch_footywire_match_ids * Deprecated get_aflw_cookie - use get_afl_cookie * Deprecated get_aflw_match_data - use fetch_results_afl * Deprecated get_aflw_player_stats - use fetch_player_stats_fryzigg

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with master branch being renamed to main
  • Fixed issue with fetch_betting_odds not working in new season
  • Fixed issue with fetch_ladder where it was returning only latest season #145
  • Various fixes to data sources have been made on the data repo

Breaking changes

  • Changed how round numbers are calculated for Footywire data sets (from calendar weeks to using round labels in the HTML) @cfranklin11

New features

  • Added AFL stats @fryzigg
  • Added team colours @fryzigg
  • Added AFLW stats @fryzigg
  • Added new function get_footywire_match_results to return results from recent games, in the case where afltables hasn’t updated
  • Added new function get_afl_fixture to return fixture from afl.com.au
  • Added new function fetch_ladder_afl to return data function from AFL.com.au
  • Added new fetch_ladder generic function to return ladder data

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug with get_afl_fixture that was returning the wrong season if season was before 2012
  • Removes all instances of rvest::pluck in preparation for it being depreciated in rvest 1.0.0 see changelog, @hadley
  • Fixed get_footywire_betting_odds to handle duplicate date/venue combination in the 2020 season without raising error (#123, @cfranklin11)
  • Fixed round calculations for get_fixture to handle the compressed 2020 fixture (#125, #128, #132, @cfranklin11)

General changes

  • The Updated AFLW API URL has been updated to reflect changes to the afl.com.au website. This should now be working for the new season.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed get_footywire_betting_odds to return an empty data frame when only future seasons are requested rather than raising an error (#112, @cfranklin11)
  • Fixed issue with afltables data that caused issues with home/away team in drawn finals matches #116
  • Fixed issue with duplicate rows in footywire data #115
  • Updating vignettes to use internal data rather than downloading from the internet

Breaking changes

  • Addition of replace_venues - changes venue names for all data sources to match AFL Tables (#15, @cfranklin11)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated womens-stats vignette to prevent it from running chunks if the cookie had failed.
  • Fixed incorrect round numbers for fixture and betting data from footywire.com (#93, #95, #102, #104, #106, @cfranklin11)

This release is in preparation for a CRAN submission. There are some breaking changes and removal of early functions that are no longer supported.

Breaking changes

  • Removal of included weather data - deprecated
  • Removal of included player data - please use get_afltables_stats() or update_afltables_stats()
  • Removal of included match data - please use get_match_results()
  • Removal of included fixture data - please use get_fixture()

New features

  • Added get_footywire_betting_odds function that returns basic match and betting data from www.footywire.com. (#10, @cfranklin11)

General changes

  • Updated Squiggle API to accept new parameters ladder, standings and complete. (#73)
  • Added parameter to get_fixture to allow Date to be formatted the same as get_results (#58)
  • Removed duplicate column in player_data (#59)
  • Fixed an error with player ID’s for 2019 season where new data was breaking an internal function (#67)
  • Fixed an error where Geelong v Melbourne game wasn’t getting parsed properly (#68)
  • Fixed an error with data on github not being up to date (#69)
  • footywire scrapers no longer fail due to footywire.com updating their site (#61)
  • get_fixture() now handles inconsistent assignment of Wednesday games and a related issue for some Round 1 matches where games were being assigned to the wrong round (#54
  • get_fixture() now handles the cancelled match in round 14, 2015 (#56, @cfranklin11)
  • get_aflw_round_data() now correctly loads data and passes all tests (#52 #53)
  • get_afltables_stats no longer includes erroneous warning messages #44
  • updated the included fixture data to 2019 #50
  • added new vignette for doing an ELO model using fitzRoy #43
  • get_afltables_stats now returns one name per player. For players where their name changes on afltables.com, we always return the first instance of their spelling #47
  • get_afltables_stats now returns consistent finals names for round. Full names are abbreviated to be consistent with past data #45
  • new feature - Woman’s Stats. New set of functions for Woman’s data. Read the vignette here - many thanks to OscarLane
  • fixed bug for dependency of stringr package. Now updated to ensure version 1.3.1 or greater #33
  • fixed bug with round number for finals #40
  • added docker support, thanks to Matthew Erbs #13
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_stats() where it was returning a grouped tibble. Thanks to tyluRp #38
  • added a basic vignette. Thanks to @Lingtax
  • fixed bug data was missing for Adelaide #27
  • fixed bug where 2017 elimination final was parsing incorrectly due to extra time #28
  • fixed bug where the default start_date missed Round 1, 1987 #29
  • fixed bug where certain games from 2018 that had ‘notes’ were being parsed incorrectly #30
  • fixed bug where certain games from early 1900 were missing. Thanks to Tony #31
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_player_ids where it was returning 0 for all players #34
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_player_ids where it was returning 0 for GWS and Bulldogs players
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_stats() where it was returning a grouped tibble. Thanks to tyluRp #38
  • added a basic vignette. Thanks to @Lingtax
  • new function get_afltables_stats returns a data frame containing aflplayer stats for the specified games #19
  • new helper function get_aflplayer_urls returns the URLs of games falling within a date range. Useful to pass to get_aflplayer_data
  • BREAKING CHANGE: removed afldata from the included data to reduce package size (in preparation for CRAN submission). Please use update_aflplayer_data or the helper functions
  • fixed bug where get_fixture returned wrong teams #23
  • update_footywire now more efficiently searches through missing match_ids
  • Fixed bug where Fixture returned NA due to Bye rounds
  • Added get_squggle_data function to return data from the Squiggle API
  • Added raw scoring profession data
  • Added get_score_procession_raw function

Initial release of FitzRoy package.

  • Added historical data for footywire.com
  • Added historical data for afltable.com
  • Added function to get advanced player stats
  • Added function to get fixture data
  • Added function to get results data
  • Added 2017 weather data
  • Created package
  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.