fitzRoy (development version) Unreleased

  • Fixed an a bug in fetch_fixture_footywire for older versions of R #146
  • Fixed type mismatch in fetch_player_stats_afltables and handling blank seasons in fetch_ladder_afl (#149, @cfranklin11)
  • Updated error message in check_source which is used in various functions #147

fitzRoy 1.0.0 2021-03-16

New Features

  • Added a new group of fetch_* functions to provide a common API to various data sources. Each function has common arguments and provides consistent behaviour
  • fetch_fixture and associated helper functions fetch_fixture_afl, fetch_fixture_footywire and fetch_fixture_squiggle will return the fixture for a particular season and round
  • fetch_results and associated helper functions fetch_results_afl, fetch_results_footywire, fetch_results_sqiggle and fetch_results_afltables will return the results for a particular season and round
  • fetch_ladder and associated helper functions fetch_ladder_afl, fetch_ladder_sqiggle and fetch_ladder_afltables will return the ladder for a particular season and round.
  • fetch_player_stats and associated helper functions fetch_player_stats_footywire, fetch_player_stats_afltables and fetch_player_stats_fryzigg will return the match stats for a particular season and round.
  • fetch_lineup and associated helper function fetch_lineup_afl will return the lineup for a particular season and round, including upcoming matches if teams have been announced

Deprecated functions

The following have all been soft deprecated. They will still work but likely be removed in a future version.

  • Deprecated get_afl_fixture - please use fetch_fixture_afl
  • Deprecated get_fixture - use fetch_fixture_footywire
  • Deprecated get_match_results - use fetch_results_afltables
  • Deprecated get_footywire_match_results - use fetch_results_footywire
  • Deprecated return_ladder - use fetch_ladder_afltables
  • Deprecated get_footywire_stats - use fetch_footywire_stats
  • Deprecated get_fryzigg_stats - use fetch_player_stats_fryzigg
  • Deprecated get_afltables_stats - use fetch_player_stats_afltables
  • Deprecated update_footywire_stats - use fetch_player_stats_footywire
  • Deprecated get_footywire_betting_odds - use fetch_betting_odds_footywire
  • Deprecated get_score_progression_raw - no replacement
  • Deprecated get_footywire_match_ids - use fetch_footywire_match_ids
  • Deprecated get_aflw_cookie - use get_afl_cookie
  • Deprecated get_aflw_match_data - use fetch_results_afl
  • Deprecated get_aflw_player_stats - use fetch_player_stats_fryzigg

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with master branch being renamed to main
  • Fixed issue with fetch_betting_odds not working in new season
  • Fixed issue with fetch_ladder where it was returning only latest season #145
  • Various fixes to data sources have been made on the data repo

fitzRoy 0.3.3 2021-01-12

Breaking changes

  • Changed how round numbers are calculated for Footywire data sets (from calendar weeks to using round labels in the HTML) @cfranklin11

New features

  • Added AFL stats @fryzigg
  • Added team colours @fryzigg
  • Added AFLW stats @fryzigg
  • Added new function get_footywire_match_results to return results from recent games, in the case where afltables hasn’t updated
  • Added new function get_afl_fixture to return fixture from
  • Added new function fetch_ladder_afl to return data function from
  • Added new fetch_ladder generic function to return ladder data

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug with get_afl_fixture that was returning the wrong season if season was before 2012
  • Removes all instances of rvest::pluck in preparation for it being depreciated in rvest 1.0.0 see changelog, @hadley
  • Fixed get_footywire_betting_odds to handle duplicate date/venue combination in the 2020 season without raising error (#123, @cfranklin11)
  • Fixed round calculations for get_fixture to handle the compressed 2020 fixture (#125, #128, #132, @cfranklin11)

fitzRoy 0.3.2 2020-05-23

General changes

  • The Updated AFLW API URL has been updated to reflect changes to the website. This should now be working for the new season.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed get_footywire_betting_odds to return an empty data frame when only future seasons are requested rather than raising an error (#112, @cfranklin11)
  • Fixed issue with afltables data that caused issues with home/away team in drawn finals matches #116
  • Fixed issue with duplicate rows in footywire data #115

fitzRoy 0.3.1 2020-01-21

  • Updating vignettes to use internal data rather than downloading from the internet

fitzRoy 0.3.0 2020-01-08

Breaking changes

  • Addition of replace_venues - changes venue names for all data sources to match AFL Tables (#15, @cfranklin11)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated womens-stats vignette to prevent it from running chunks if the cookie had failed.
  • Fixed incorrect round numbers for fixture and betting data from (#93, #95, #102, #104, #106, @cfranklin11)

fitzRoy 0.2.0 2019-11-30

This release is in preparation for a CRAN submission. There are some breaking changes and removal of early functions that are no longer supported.

Breaking changes

  • Removal of included weather data - deprecated
  • Removal of included player data - please use get_afltables_stats() or update_afltables_stats()
  • Removal of included match data - please use get_match_results()
  • Removal of included fixture data - please use get_fixture()

New features

  • Added get_footywire_betting_odds function that returns basic match and betting data from (#10, @cfranklin11)

General changes

fitzRoy 0.1.13 Unreleased

  • Updated Squiggle API to accept new parameters ladder, standings and complete. (#73)
  • Added parameter to get_fixture to allow Date to be formatted the same as get_results (#58)
  • Removed duplicate column in player_data (#59)

fitzRoy 0.1.12 Unreleased

  • Fixed an error with player ID’s for 2019 season where new data was breaking an internal function (#67)
  • Fixed an error where Geelong v Melbourne game wasn’t getting parsed properly (#68)
  • Fixed an error with data on github not being up to date (#69)

fitzRoy 0.1.11 Unreleased

fitzRoy 0.1.10 Unreleased

  • footywire scrapers no longer fail due to updating their site (#61)

fitzRoy 0.1.9 Unreleased

  • get_fixture() now handles inconsistent assignment of Wednesday games and a related issue for some Round 1 matches where games were being assigned to the wrong round (#54
  • get_fixture() now handles the cancelled match in round 14, 2015 (#56, @cfranklin11)
  • get_aflw_round_data() now correctly loads data and passes all tests (#52 #53)
  • get_afltables_stats no longer includes erroneous warning messages #44
  • updated the included fixture data to 2019 #50
  • added new vignette for doing an ELO model using fitzRoy #43
  • get_afltables_stats now returns one name per player. For players where their name changes on, we always return the first instance of their spelling #47
  • get_afltables_stats now returns consistent finals names for round. Full names are abbreviated to be consistent with past data #45

fitzRoy 0.1.8 Unreleased

  • new feature - Woman’s Stats. New set of functions for Woman’s data. Read the vignette here - many thanks to OscarLane

fitzRoy 0.1.7 Unreleased

  • fixed bug for dependency of stringr package. Now updated to ensure version 1.3.1 or greater #33
  • fixed bug with round number for finals #40
  • added docker support, thanks to Matthew Erbs #13
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_stats() where it was returning a grouped tibble. Thanks to tyluRp #38
  • added a basic vignette. Thanks to @Lingtax

fitzRoy 0.1.6 Unreleased

  • fixed bug data was missing for Adelaide #27
  • fixed bug where 2017 elimination final was parsing incorrectly due to extra time #28
  • fixed bug where the default start_date missed Round 1, 1987 #29
  • fixed bug where certain games from 2018 that had ‘notes’ were being parsed incorrectly #30
  • fixed bug where certain games from early 1900 were missing. Thanks to Tony #31
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_player_ids where it was returning 0 for all players #34
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_player_ids where it was returning 0 for GWS and Bulldogs players
  • fixed bug with get_afltables_stats() where it was returning a grouped tibble. Thanks to tyluRp #38
  • added a basic vignette. Thanks to @Lingtax

fitzRoy 0.1.5 Unreleased

  • new function get_afltables_stats returns a data frame containing aflplayer stats for the specified games #19
  • new helper function get_aflplayer_urls returns the URLs of games falling within a date range. Useful to pass to get_aflplayer_data
  • BREAKING CHANGE: removed afldata from the included data to reduce package size (in preparation for CRAN submission). Please use update_aflplayer_data or the helper functions
  • fixed bug where get_fixture returned wrong teams #23

fitzRoy 0.1.4 Unreleased

  • update_footywire now more efficiently searches through missing match_ids

fitzRoy 0.1.3 Unreleased

  • Fixed bug where Fixture returned NA due to Bye rounds

fitzRoy 0.1.2 Unreleased

  • Added get_squggle_data function to return data from the Squiggle API

fitzRoy 0.1.1 Unreleased

  • Added raw scoring profession data
  • Added get_score_procession_raw function

fitzRoy Unreleased

Initial release of FitzRoy package.

  • Added historical data for
  • Added historical data for
  • Added function to get advanced player stats
  • Added function to get fixture data
  • Added function to get results data
  • Added 2017 weather data

fitzRoy Unreleased

  • Created package
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.