fitzRoy aims to provide a consistent and reliable API to various data sources of both the Mens and Womens competitions of the AFL. These functions provide easy and tidy access to data such as fixtures, results and statistics from various data sources.


Install the released version of fitzRoy from CRAN:


Or install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


The primary functions in fitzRoy are the fetch_* functions. These provide access to the most common types of data using a consistent API. View the Quick Start Vignette to quickly get going with data analysis.

The main functions are fetch_fixture, fetch_lineup, fetch_results, fetch_ladder and fetch_player_stats.

fetch_fixture(season = 2020, comp = "AFLM")
fetch_lineup(season = 2021, round_number = 1, comp = "AFLW")
fetch_results(season = 2020, round_number = 1, comp = "AFLW")
fetch_ladder(season = 2020, source = "squiggle")
fetch_player_stats(season = 2020, source = "fryzigg")
fetch_player_details(team = "Hawthorn", current = TRUE, source = "AFL")

See vignette on using the main fetch functions to learn more about how these functions work.

AFL Womens data

From 2019, we are able to provide access to AFL Women’s data. Read the full AFL Womens Vingette for details on how to access it.

fetch_fixture(season = 2020, comp = "AFLW")
fetch_results(season = 2020, comp = "AFLW")
fetch_ladder(season = 2020, comp = "AFLW")

Please note that the ‘fitzRoy’ project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.